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Deputy Solicitor-General (JLG LO 6), Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Division


Under the general direction and leadership of the Solicitor-General, the Deputy Solicitor-General – Constitutional & Legislative Affairs, is responsible for providing expert advice and guidance on specific legal matters relating to constitutional issues, legislative matters and other legal matters that fall under the remit of the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Division. The Deputy Solicitor-General also contributes significantly to the strategic management and leadership of the Attorney General’s Chambers.



Technical/Professional Responsibilities 

  • Oversees the provision of legal advice requested on legal matters falling within the remit of the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Division including, constitutional issues, legislative matters and statutory interpretation to Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government;
  • Provides legal advice to Houses of Parliament and Committees of Cabinet;
  • Examines/reviews and comments on draft Cabinet Submissions, and draft legislation;
  • Provides draft Submissions in constitutional claims;
  • Reviews escalated legal matters from direct reports and provides /comments;
  • Constitutes cross-functional teams from across the AGC to consider special or nuanced legal matters concerning matters relating to constitutional issues and legislative matters;
  • Attends sittings and committee meetings of Parliament in relation to legislation and other Parliamentary matters to provide legal advice;
  • Attends sub-committee meetings of Cabinet in relation to legislation and other legal matters to provide legal advice;
  • Provides legal advice to members and the staff of Parliament on legislation and a range of other legal issues;
  • Represents the Chambers on Working Groups to consider proposals for new, or amendment of existing, legislation;
  • Prepares Submissions for Court relating to the constitutional claims;
  • Advises the relevant Minister, MDA’s and appropriate Tribunal in respect of appeals under various legislation;
  • Plans and coordinates the execution of internal reviews relating to the portfolio of the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Division; and evaluates the adequacy and effectiveness of management controls;
  • Remains current on GOJ policies/initiatives in an effort to add value and inform decision making;
  • Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, maintaining membership in professional organizations and participating in AGC initiatives.


Management/Administrative Responsibilities

  • As part of the senior management team, assist in the development and revision of objectives and strategies guiding the AGC’s Strategic/Operational Plan;
  • Plans, organizes, directs and monitors the work of the Constitutional & Legislative Affairs Division by overseeing the development of Corporate/Business, Operational, Work Plans and Budget;
  • Participates in the quarterly evaluation of the performance of programme managers in achieving the objectives and strategies in the Strategic/Operational Plan;
  • Advises and guides the AG, SG, on the formation, development and application of policy and strategic decisions relating to the remit of the Constitutional & Legislative Affairs division;
  • Prepares Progress, Annual, Special and other reports as necessary;
  • Represents the AG and SG at meetings, conferences, workshops and seminars as required.


Human Resources Responsibilities

  • Provides leadership and guidance through effective planning, delegation, communication, training, mentoring and discipline;
  • Evaluates and monitors the performance of staff in the Division and implements appropriate strategies;
  • Coordinates the development of individual work plans and recommends performance targets for the   staff assigned;
  • Participates in the recruitment and training of staff of the Division;
  • Recommends training, promotion and approves leave in accordance with established Human Resource Policies and Procedures;
  • Identifies skills/competencies gaps and contributes to the development and succession planning for the Division to ensure adequate staff capacity;
  • Monitors the performance of staff and facilitates the timely and accurate completion of the staff annual performance appraisals and other periodic reviews.


Other Responsibilities 

  • Performs all other related duties and functions as may be required from time to time.



  • Legal research conducted and provision of legal advice accords with evidence-based legal methodologies and agreed timeframes;
  • Protocols and systems to aid the provision of reviews and comments on Cabinet Submissions and draft Bills developed and maintained in accordance with GOJ practices and policies;
  • Escalated legal matters reviewed and actioned in keeping with agreed standards and timeframes;
  • Legal documents from direct reports reviewed and approved in keeping with agreed standards and timeframes;
  • Legal representation and advice made are supported by evidence, rule of law and agreed timeframes;
  • Corporate/Business, Operational, Work Plans and budgets are prepared in accordance with established format and timeframe;
  • Annual and periodic reports prepared in accordance with established standards and format within the agreed timeframe;
  • Confidentiality, integrity and sensitivity displayed in the execution of duties.


Minimum Required Education and Experience

  • Master of Laws Degree (LLM);
  • Legal Education Certificate;
  • Eight (8) years progressive experience at the Bar, preferable in Constitutional & Administrative Law.


  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB);
  • Legal Education Certificate;
  • Ten (10) years progressive experience at the Bar.


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