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Attorney-General's Chambers
The Attorney-General's Chambers

Mission & Vision

Mission: To execute the constitutional mandate as the principal legal adviser to the Government of Jamaica, by providing legal services of the highest quality, in a professional, efficient and timely manner whilst preserving the Rule of Law.

Vision: A world-class legal services entity, that consistently provides exceptional representation and advice to the Government of Jamaica in advancing the national interest in accordance with the Rule of Law.

Core Values

The following is a list of the Attorney-General’s Chambers core values:

  • Integrity – We shall retain the confidentiality and trust of our
    clients in the performance of our official duties;
  • Efficiency – We shall be diligent in the execution of our duties to
    ensure timely delivery of quality services;
  • Innovation – We shall promote a culture of continuous learning,
    embrace change and technological advancements;
  • Teamwork – We shall work together and support each other in the
    performance of our duties and promote a fair and harmonious
    working environment;
  • Accountability – We shall remain answerable to the people of
    Jamaica whose best interests we serve;
  • Client Focus – We shall add value for our clients, by offering
    tailored solutions developed through consultation and partnership.


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